Expert Reviewer Profile: Charla Waxman, MBA, EdD 
Editorial Review Group Chair
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Dr. Charla Waxman has been reviewing for Doody’s Review Service since 2020. She has reviewed 50 books under Editorial Review Group Chair for Clinical Psychology, Nicholas Greco IV

Dr. Waxman is the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Lake Behavioral Hospital in Waukegan, Illinois. She has served in many roles in the mental health field over the years, including overseeing several clinical programs in both inpatient and outpatient settings as a program director and an administrator. Dr. Waxman is passionate about developing relationships, strategizing and problem solving, and ultimately working to meet the needs of patients and clients. She also enjoys presenting and training on various mental health topics and has trained nationally and internationally on mental health, aggression and youth counter cultures. Dr. Waxman is a published author on mental health, gangs, and adolescent behavior. She has been awarded locally and nationally for her work with gang-involved and difficult-to-reach youth. Stories about her work with youth have been featured in the Charthouse Learning book, School of FISH!, as well as on radio and television. 

When asked about why she volunteers for Doody’s Review Service, Dr. Waxman said: “I truly enjoy reviewing for Doody’s. I appreciate the opportunity to provide a look into some of the most current research on so many mental health-related topics. The team at Doody’s offers reviewers the opportunity to choose books that are of interest to them and that makes all the difference. When I can read a book that is important to me, my work, or the field and helps me be better as a mental health professional, I am thrilled. I have a chance to provide a valued review for potential readers and gain information and insight that makes me better at what I do. The review instructions and formatting provided by Doody’s are very easy to follow, while deadlines are generous and give reviewers ample time to read and review. I hope to continue working with Doody’s Review Service for many years to come.” 

When asked about favorite titles she has recently reviewed, Dr. Waxman named Community Psychology: Emerging Issues and Challenges, Deb et al. (Routledge, 2024). “It is an engaging book that offers anyone in community work an opportunity to understand the concept of community psychology. It is comprehensive and uses the framework of protective and risk factors to help readers understand how to apply evidence-based measures to impact the welfare and health of community members. It is easy to read and a valuable resource for clinicians and community engaged workers.”  

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