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Lisa Adriani, MLS
Research and Instruction Librarian
Edward and Barbara Netter Library
Quinnipiac University 

Editor’s Note: This is an update of a review that was published in the March 2021 issue of Doody’s Collection Development Monthly. You can find the original review here. 

MedOne is an online resource from Thieme Medical Publishers, featuring radiology content with ebooks, cases, images, videos, and study questions on one platform. It is a part of Thieme’s MedOne product line and aims to provide radiology residents, third- and fourth-year medical students, and practicing clinicians with practical content to stay on top of new technology and advancements in the field. 

Content Updates 

Since the previous review, MedOne has undergone numerous updates, and the overall content provided by the service has increased. The service provides 11 full-text journals, with Ultrasound International Open as its newest addition, which focuses on interdisciplinary ultrasound in medicine and biology. The number of ebooks has increased to over 200, including some previous editions. A book collection from Breitenseher Publisher has also been added, providing access to eight MRI-focused titles. The number of RadCases has increased to about 4,000 cases, offering a valuable cache of resources for radiology residents preparing for both the oral and written sections of the board review exam. Cases are numbered and can be tracked through a personal checklist, allowing for greater searchability and organization. When a case is opened, the interface displays a clinical presentation with images followed by Further Work-up, Imaging Findings, Differential Diagnosis, Essential Facts, Other Imaging Findings, Pearls and Pitfalls, and Readings. Now, over 155,000 images and more than 800 videos can be used for instruction and teaching. These massive media collections are still highly regarded and continuously being updated. 

Aside from a raw increase in content, new and updated features have also been added. Board Review is a brand-new feature for all MedOne platforms. It provides quick access to a list of eBooks for board preparation. Playlists continue to serve as a place to create custom lists and now include lists created by the Thieme editorial team, covering topics such as Breast Imaging, Cardiac Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Pediatric Imaging, and many more. The Question and Answers section was last updated in late July 2023. Now, over 2,000 high-yield questions are available for preparing for the American Board of Radiology exam. The main screen now enables users to select a practice or review exam. When selecting an exam, the time and number of questions can be edited for a custom experience. A practice exam is timed, and no answers are displayed until the exam is completed. During a review exam, the correct answers are shown along with an explanation as the questions are answered and time can be extended if the allotted time runs out. Sessions can be revisited by selecting the Recent tab. Additionally, a Statistics tab is available to track information about the number of questions answered correctly and incorrectly over time. The questions are derived from 12 Thieme eBooks such as Gastrointestinal Imaging Q&A for the Radiology Boards, Top Score of the Radiology Boards: Q&A Review for the Core and Certifying Exams, and Musculoskeletal Imaging Q&A for the Radiology Boards

MedOne’s overall functionality has been updated as well. The homepage default screen will display four boxes: “Case of the Month,” “Popular Chapters,” “Popular Videos,” and “Popular Journal Articles.” Users must create an account and log in to access some features such as tracking progress and creating checklists in the RadCases. The platform works on mobile devices and will be useful to anyone who wants to use MedOne Radiology for a few minutes or does not have immediate access to a computer. It is easy to navigate and contains the same content. For all My MedOne platforms, administrators can view additional information in the MyMedOne tab. In this tab, administrators can select My Content or License Packages to view an overview of packages and lists of content that they subscribe to. Both English and Spanish language filters are available. 


MedOne Radiology continues to provide a useful platform with quality content. The ebooks and multimedia content remain highly regarded. The RadCases and Question and Answers features are also valuable to residents studying for their board exams. The upgrades to the content and functionality also show Thieme’s commitment to continually improve the resource. Overall, MedOne Radiology should be considered by libraries looking to advance their radiology collection and is especially appropriate for academic and hospital libraries with a radiology residency or practicing clinicians in radiology. 

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