Editorial Review Group Chair: Kelly Collins, MD
Editorial Review Group Chair
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Dr. Kelly Collins has been the Editorial Review Group Chair for Transplantation Surgery since 2015. During this time, we have sent Dr. Collins 27 books and she and her review group have reviewed 13.  

Dr. Collins is a transplant surgeon at Henry Ford Transplant Institute, where she performs lifesaving operations in liver transplant, cancer surgery, intestine transplant, kidney transplant, liver cancer, and pancreas transplant for adults and children. After attending medical school at Medical College of Wisconsin and beginning her training as an OB-GYN, Dr. Collins found her calling instead in transplant surgery. She enjoyed the team aspect, the challenge of complicated surgery, the continuity of care of patients with disease, and the reward of witnessing patients’ progress. She received her residency training in general surgery at Medical College of Wisconsin and her fellowship training in transplant surgery at Washington University. She has been a transplant surgeon at Henry Ford Health System since 2015. In an interview about organ donation in 2018, Dr. Collins said: “It’s hugely important that people not think they are unable to be a donor because of age or health. The liver and human tissue are very resilient … We can almost always utilize something given by a donor.” 

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