Specialty Profile: Biochemistry
Specialty Profile
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Since last year, we have received 22 titles in the specialty of Biochemistry, with 14 of those titles having been reviewed. The books range in price from $29.99 to $1,200.00; however, the average cost is $210.45, and the median cost is $175.00. Doody’s Core Titles 2020 features 13 titles in Biochemistry from seven publishers, with three titles each from Elsevier and Wiley-Blackwell, and two titles each from McGraw Hill and Wolters Kluwer represented. Four of the 13 titles on the DCT list have been selected by librarians as Essential Purchase Titles, including Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, 31st edition, Rodwell et al. (McGraw Hill, 2018), which is coauthored by Doody’s Biochemistry Editorial Review Group Chair, Dr. Peter Kennelly.  

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