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For this month’s Specialty Profile, we’re highlighting the latest installment in our newest free feature for Doody’s Core Titles and Doody’s Review Service subscribers called Doody’s Special Topics Lists.  

On January 4, 2021, we published our second Doody’s Special Topics List focused on Telehealth. Like the topic of our first list, Health Equity, Telehealth is not a part of the Doody’s taxonomy of health sciences; in other words, we don’t classify books in a telehealth category or give it that subject heading.  

Telehealth is a timely topic around which to create a book list. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a new emphasis on remote care and has thrust healthcare providers into a digital situation with little time to adapt. Our Doody’s Special Topics List conceptualizes telehealth as an interdisciplinary specialty that draws on principles of remote health care, telemedicine, technology, health information management, informatics, and mHealth and applies them to real-world healthcare needs, such as the protection of patient data, the provision of rural health care, the delivery of specialized care, and more. The opportunity to publish lessons learned from the pandemic abounds, so we hope to see this list evolve swiftly over the next few years. 

Selected by seasoned librarians with interest and expertise in telehealth, the list is comprised of 55 titles from 17 publishers. The costs of the titles range from $25.00 to $2,950.00, with an average cost of $200.89. Four of the titles were selected for Doody’s Core Titles 2020, one of which is an Essential Purchase Title. Thirteen of the titles have been reviewed by experts in Doody’s Review Service and the copyright dates range from 2014 to 2021.  

If you are a Doody’s Review Service or Doody’s Core Titles subscriber, you can learn more and access the list now by logging in to your account. You may also be able to access the list through one of our licensing partners: EBSCO, Rittenhouse, Matthews, and Ovid. If you’re not sure about how you can get access, please contact Customer Service and we’ll gladly assist you. We look forward to publishing our next list, focused on Health Professionals and Stress, in April 2021. 

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