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Pamela Herring, MLIS, D-AHIP
Electronic Resources Librarian
Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library
University of Central Florida College of Medicine


Facts & Comparisons eAnswers1 is an extensive drug information database that contains drug monographs, a drug interaction tool, a drug identification tool, calculators, product availability and information, a drug comparison tool, an IV compatibility tool, drug reports, patient education information on medications and natural products, and a toxicology tool. The company seems to specifically market this database to pharmacists, but it is also useful to physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and dentists.2 The content is delivered via an internet browser. There is no corresponding app.

The content in this database is produced by Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information. Wolters Kluwer is a recognized provider of medical and pharmaceutical information for medical professionals and students.3 Lexicomp and Medi-Span are other products provided by Wolters Kluwer and they are often sold in bundles with Facts & Comparisons eAnswers.

Features / Functionality

Facts and Comparisons eAnswers has a clean interface on the homepage that emphasizes the search engine. The search engine offers a list of matching keywords as a user types a drug product or name or National Drug Code (NDC) in the search box. If the keyword matches a drug monograph, it will display directly after clicking the search button; if the keyword does not match, a list of options is presented, along with the date last updated. A horizontal blue navigation bar containing links to all the database’s drug tools is always displayed as users navigate the different parts of the database. Users can also explore the database in multiple languages.

The feature the database is primarily known for is its custom drug comparison tables. With Drug Comparison Data View, users can select up to four drugs to compare at the same time and create customized tables that contain information on adverse effects, indications, pregnancy and lactation warnings, drug-drug/food/alcohol interactions, and contraindications. There is also an option to compare up to four drugs using a monograph view, which uses information from Facts & Comparisons A to Z Monograph Summaries.

Another interesting feature is the Formulary Monograph Service that provides information on recently released and investigational drugs. It includes summaries and full review formats of formulary drug monographs, drug use evaluations, and a New Drug Reviews section that summarizes the formulary reviews and drug use evaluations added that month. The list currently provides access to previous reviews summaries from 2014 to present.

The database has excellent easy to find training videos, guides, and help features prominently displayed on their homepage. Each module has its own help guide. When users click on a different area in the database and then click on the “Help” button, the information changes to reflect that portion of the database.

It would be useful if there was a Facts & Comparisons app. The database does not render well on small phone screens.

Business Model

This product requires a license agreement and the company offers site-wide licensing. Fees are based on either the total number of staffed beds per site, the number of academic disciplines licensed, or the number of total anticipated authorized users per site. Subscription terms can be one, three, or five years, with the option of paying the fee up front or through yearly invoices. Wolters Kluwer also sells individual subscriptions to Facts & Comparisons eAnswers via their online store for $669 per user (Patrick Beattie, email communication, January 30, 2019).

Users can access Facts & Comparisons eAnswers via IP authentication or through proxy server access. Username and password access is provided for individual subscriptions

Usage data reports are emailed monthly or upon request. The reports are not COUNTER compliant, but they do a good job of detailing what portions of the database customers visit and how often.


Institutions that have a pharmacy school or pharmacologists integrated into the curriculum will definitely find this product useful. With an abundance of content, easy navigation, and intuitive searching, Facts & Comparisons eAnswers is a valuable resource for faculty and students.


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