Editorial Review Group Chair: Udayan Apte, PhD, DABT
Editorial Review Group Chair
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Dr. Udayan Apte has been Editorial Review Group Chair for Toxicology for the past four years, since January 2014. Before that, however, he reviewed for our then Chair in Pharmacology, Thomas L. Pazdernik, PhD, who was profiled in our July 2015 newsletter. During Dr. Apte’s time as Chair of Toxicology, we have sent him 36 titles and, so far, he has organized reviews of 23 of them, calling on 13 different reviewers.

Dr. Apte is a board-certified toxicologist and an associate professor in the Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, KS. His research is focused on liver pathobiology, drug-induced liver injury, liver cancer, and liver regeneration. He is an NIH-funded investigator with over 80 publications including original papers, reviews, book chapters, and book reviews. He has also edited a book on mechanisms of liver regeneration.

He is heavily involved in toxicology education of both medical students and graduate students at KUMC. He is responsible for the majority of the curriculum related to adverse drug reactions, environmental exposure to chemicals, and treatment of poisoned patients in the medical curriculum. On the graduate school side, Dr. Apte is the course director of all major toxicology courses. Apart from these, he also delivers lectures in several other courses mainly related to chemical carcinogenesis.

Dr. Apte is a deeply involved in scientific reviews of journals and grants. He regularly serves as a reviewer on various NIH study sections and reviews grants for several international agencies mainly from Europe, but also from Asia. He is an associate editor for Scientific Reports and on the editorial board of Gene Expression, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology and American Journal of Pathology. Additionally, he serves as a reviewer for over 15 journals in the area of toxicology and liver pathobiology.

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