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Omnigraphics was founded in 1985, by Frederick Gale Ruffner, Jr. and his son, Peter, with the mission of providing authoritative reference resources for libraries and schools. This was not the first publishing venture for the senior Ruffner, however. Fred Ruffner founded Gale Research Co. with his wife in 1954 and ran it until he sold the company the year he founded Omnigraphics, which publishes print and online references in health, biography, history, and culture. Omnigraphics recently became part of Aggregate Intelligence, Inc.

Since 1995, Omnigraphics has sent us 254 titles in its Health Reference and Teen Health Series, and we have published reviews of 135 of them. This past year, in fact, we have published reviews of four of the books in the Teen Health series written by Dr. Turner-Henson’s reviewers.

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