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Lisa Adriani, MLS
Public Services Librarian
Edward and Barbara Netter Library
Quinnipiac University

 Access Medicine is an online resource collection from McGraw Hill Medical that provides a variety of content anchored by over 100 core textbooks in medicine and basic sciences. Additional features include a wealth of content in the form of thousands of images, illustrations, self-assessment tools, case files, point-of-care tools, and videos. As described on the website, it “is a comprehensive online medical resource that provides a complete spectrum of knowledge from the best minds in medicine.”

This review details updates and changes since my original review, published in the January 26, 2016 issue of Doody’s Collection Development Monthly:

Content Updates

 Since the 2016 review, many items have been updated or added.

  • There are now over 100 textbooks. A current list of titles can be found at:
  • Older editions of current titles or retired titles are archived, which allows faculty the option to use the older edition. A listing of the titles can be accessed at:
  • Updates ahead of the print book are also available. Updates are frequent since they are loaded as they become available.
  • CME credits are available from 12 select readings, including Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. Users must be signed in to their MyAccess account to use. Each CME is worth .5 credits.
  • Over 145 video animations have been added. A complete list of videos and multimedia can be found at:
  • A medical English-Spanish dictionary is now available. It includes typical medical phrases and questions with responses and tips for medical Spanish.
  • Clinical Prep is a new feature with clinical questions and answers. It has more than 650 topics and 50,000 questions intended to bridge the gap between coursework and patient interactions.
  • New topics have been added to the interactive flashcards. The topics include biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, infectious diseases, pathology, and pharmacology.
  • Hospital Corner is a new section with one-stop shopping for students, residents, and practicing providers. It includes selected books, board review, and other quick reference information.

 Functionality Updates

 While the basic search functionality and page navigation remain the same, there have been some noteworthy changes.

  • A search box has been added to the table of contents page of each book so that the book titles can be searched individually.
  • Accessibility enhancements have been implemented so that AccessMedicine complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This ensures that AccessMedicine is designed so those who have differing learning styles and access needs will be able to use it. Details can be found at:
  • MyAccess has been redesigned so that users can bookmark content, keep track of recent searches, and track their self-assessment performance.
  • An html widget is available to add a quick search widget to websites or LibGuides. The widget can be found at:


 McGraw-Hill’s efforts to improve this already robust resource have made it even more valuable to both hospital and academic libraries. The improvements are expected to continue. Later this year, AccessMedicine will include a PDF download, an option to highlight text, an option to export to folders, and other user annotation tools. The commitment to this product definitely helps maintain its place as a solid resource for students, medical residents, and clinical practitioners.

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