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The idea of Annual Reviews was born in 1930 when, overwhelmed by the amount of time it would take to read all the relevant literature in his field, J. Murray Luck, then Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University, brought his colleagues together to create the first Annual Review of Biochemistry, published in 1932.

Today, Annual Reviews is a nonprofit publisher “dedicated to synthesizing and integrating knowledge to stimulate the progress of science and benefit society.” More than 85 years after its founding with one title, it offers expert review journals that span 50 specialties across the biomedical, life, physical, and social sciences.

Although Annual Reviews began sending us its titles in 1993, its participation has been spotty over the years, and we have received just a few titles since 2007. Even so, since 1993, we have received 184 titles from Annual Reviews and we have published reviews of 86 of them. We are particularly pleased that Annual Reviews resumed sending us titles last month, which we look forward to featuring in Doody’s Review Service.

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