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BMJ Best Practice is an evidence-based clinical decision-support tool trusted by healthcare professionals, academicians, and librarians.  It is uniquely structured around the patient consultation–providing step-by-step guidance on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

In a 2016 article published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, Best Practice received maximum scores for its breadth of content, editorial quality, and evidence-based methodology.

Users continuously praise its ease of use, time-saving layout and the option to search by symptom and reach the differential diagnosis quickly.

See how your colleagues and end users feel about Best Practice

Reasons to choose Best Practice:

  • Saves time–proven to deliver faster answers
  • User-friendly experience–evidence, grading scores, red flags, differential diagnosis and recent updates are easy to find
  • Supportive of clinical workflow–structured around the patient consultation
  • Personalization options–incorporate care pathways, local guidelines, and patient leaflets to ensure consistent care
  • Unlimited access to all content; remotely and from mobile devices

Coming soon:

  • Rapid delivery of practice-changing evidence
  • Unique visual reminders and embedded evidence features
  • Expanded systematic review layer

Free trials and demonstrations are available.  Email:

For more information:

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