Calculating and Reporting Healthcare Statistics, 5th Edition
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Loretta A. Horton, MEd, RHIA, FAHIMA


Calculating and Reporting Healthcare Statistics, Fifth Edition introduces and illustrates the basics of statistical computation so that health information practitioners, who have ever-increasing contact with and uses for healthcare data, can learn about healthcare statistics and how they are generated.

This text is intended for use in two or four-year health information technician (HIT) or health information administration (HIA) programs and also serves as an excellent reference for healthcare professionals seeking to sharpen their statistical skills

The author describes how and why statistics are calculated and used, providing exercises in compiling information like inpatient service days, length of stay and occupancy, and mortality rates. Also explored are data presentation, inferential statistics, basic research principles, and data analytics topics such as data mining and information governance.

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Publisher : AHIMA
Copyright : 2016

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