Positive Psychiatry: A Clinical Handbook
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Edited by Dilip V. Jeste, M.D., and Barton W. Palmer, Ph.D.

Positive Psychiatry provides a rigorous and clinically useful guide to the growing body of research that strongly suggests that positive psychosocial factors such as resilience, optimism, and social engagement are associated with better outcomes, including lower morbidity, greater longevity, and a heightened sense of patient well-being. This volume, written and edited by luminaries in the field, introduces clinicians to the guiding principles of positive psychiatry, which hold that mental health cannot be defined as the mere reduction or even elimination of mental illness, and that mental health professionals must focus on more than simply controlling the symptoms of illness.

2015 · 385 pages · ISBN 978-1-58562-495-9 · Paperback · $65.00 · Item #62495

2015 · 385 pages · ISBN 978-1-58562-519-2 · eBook · $52.00 · Item #62519

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