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Cambridge University Press is both the oldest printing and publishing house in the world and the oldest university press. Cambridge originated from Letters Patent (similar to a royal charter) granted to the university by Henry VIII in 1534, and they have been producing books since the first University Press book was printed in 1584. Today, Cambridge has over 50 offices around the world and publishes over 50,000 titles. In 2010, the publisher launched Cambridge Books Online, a platform for their ebooks.

Cambridge University Press has been a participating publisher in Doody’s Review Service since May 1993, sending us more than 1,100 titles since then. In the past year, we’ve received 47 of their titles, and we have published reviews of 16 of them so far, with more out for review. The just-published Doody’s Core Titles 2015 features 44 Cambridge titles in 22 specialty areas, with 7 designated as Essential Purchase Titles.

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