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Wiley-Blackwell represents the combination of two storied publishing programs – John Wiley & Sons, which can trace its roots to 1807 New York, and Blackwell Publishing, which was formed in 2000 by the merger of Blackwell Publishers (founded in 1922) and Blackwell Science (founded in 1939). Wiley acquired Blackwell in 2007, merging Blackwell’s publishing program with Wiley’s scientific, technical, and medical business. Many of the Wiley-Blackwell books are available on its proprietary website, Wiley Online Library along with journals and professional development tools. Wiley Online Library is also one of our ebook discoverability partners, providing links from titles at Doody’s Review Service and Doody’s Core Titles directly to information about the online versions.

Wiley-Blackwell and its two predecessors have been participating publishers in Doody’s Review Service since 1993, sending us more than 3,400 titles. In the past year, we’ve received 107 of their titles, but most of those we’ve received in the last month, so they are in the midst of being categorized, added to our database, and sent out for review. Doody’s Core Titles 2014 features 137 Wiley-Blackwell titles in 64 specialty areas, with 17 designated as Essential Purchase Titles.

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