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McGraw-Hill is the publisher of the foundational textbook in General Medicine, which is the specialty focus of this month’s newsletter. Harrison’s Principles of Medicine was first published in 1958 and Doody’s Review Service has reviews of the last six editions, from the 13th edition in 1994 to the Inkling version of the 18th edition in 2012, with reviewers noting the evolution of the title as both medicine and the technology to deliver information have changed. McGraw-Hill publishes across a wide range of medical, allied health, and nursing specialties, and over the past year, we’ve received 98 titles in 50 different specialties. Doody’s Review Service has published reviews of 59 of them to date, with an additional 20 out for review. Doody’s Core Titles 2013 features 116 McGraw-Hill titles, 39 of which librarians designated Essential Purchase titles. McGraw-Hill’s titles are available digitally through their specialty Access platforms (e.g., AccessMedicine, AccessPharmacy, etc.).

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