Doody's Review Services

Doody’s Review Service

The most comprehensive collection development tool available, featuring:

  • An unparalleled database of expert reviews of books, eBooks, and software in the health sciences, now numbering over 32,000 reviews, updated weekly.
  • Bibliographic information on over 140,000 titles in 140 specialties in clinical medicine, nursing, allied health, basic science, and other health-related disciplines.
  • Links to over 20 eBook aggregators for digital versions of titles and apps.
  • Sophisticated search and export functions.
  • Handy tools to create, store, and share lists.
  • Access to the latest edition of Doody’s Core Titles.
  • Thoughtful and thought-provoking articles each month from medical librarians and medical publishers.
  • A weekly email that reports on the new reviews and new titles in the areas you’ve selected.
  • An annual subscription that comes with 5 seats.
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Doody's Review Services
Doody’s Core Titles

The ultimate authority in collection development for libraries of all sizes, featuring:

  • A list of the must-have titles in 121 health sciences specialties, representing the collective wisdom of 200 librarians and content specialists.
  • Core titles and Essential Purchase titles in each specialty, selected by librarians for librarians.
  • Extensive search and filter utilities and easy-to-use print and export tools.
  • Links to over 20 eBook aggregators for digital versions of titles.
  • Monthly newsletter reporting on new eBooks and new editions of titles on the list, along with a thoughtful article about the profession.
  • A Premium version that includes Doody’s reviews of titles on the list.
  • A new edition published each year to coincide with the Medical Library Association annual meeting.
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