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Publisher Profile
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This is an update of a Publisher Profile we published in 2016. You can read the original profile here 

Johns Hopkins University Press (JHUP) is America’s oldest university press, and today, one of its largest. JHUP is a global provider of scholarship and technologies, with four interconnected publishing businesses that distribute their content around the world. In addition to its vast selection of books and journals, JHUP’s Project MUSE provides a massive online collection of humanities and social sciences content, and its Hopkins Fulfillment Service (HFS) gives select university presses and nonprofit institutions access to distribution and sales services. 

We are very grateful to have JHUP as a participating publisher for Doody’s Review Service, dating as far back as 1994. Since our profile in 2016, we’ve received 115 of their titles and have published reviews for 60 of them. Doody’s Core Titles features 13 JHUP titles across nine specialties, with Essential Purchase Titles such as Health Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation: Creating Behavioral, Environmental, and Policy Change, Green (JHUP, 2022) and A Loving Approach to Dementia Care, 3rd Edition, Thomas (JHUP, 2021). 

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