Why Are Students Skipping Lectures & How To Curb The Trend
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It’s well known that medical students have been shifting their preferences to digital experiences for some time. 
And as a consequence of this preference shift (as well as pandemic habits that stuck), the whole of academia are experiencing a growing decline in students showing up for in-person lectures. 
Sure, many academic programs have relied on hybrid models to adjust to the new world of digital domination.  
But how can you sufficiently accommodate this shift and ensure that students are getting maximum value out of both in-person & virtual classroom experiences —in ways that boost their performance, positions them to pass their board exams &overall preps them to become tomorrow’s brigade of medical practitioners
Let’s dig into the problem and arrive at how Boards & Beyond can equip you with what’s needed to get ahead of this growing trend of declining student attendance in lectures.  

Your solution awaits you here

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