What is an Editorial Review Group Chair? 
Editorial Review Group Chair
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Each month, we proudly feature one of the wonderful health sciences experts that serve as Editorial Review Group Chairs for Doody’s Review Service. These esteemed professionals are authoritative voices trusted by librarians worldwide. But what exactly does an Editorial Chair do and why are they vital to our book review ecosystem? 

Since 1993, Doody Enterprises has published expert reviews of books from over 100 health science publishers in more than 140 disciplines, encompassing clinical medicine, nursing, allied health, basic sciences, and other related areas. To accomplish this, we collaborate with our Editorial Chairs, academically affiliated senior experts in their respective fields. Each Editorial Chair calls on an extensive network of qualified reviewers and cultivates a review group of diverse voices suited to the various subspecialties within their field. The Editorial Chair is responsible for ensuring that each book we send them is assigned to an appropriate reviewer and that the review is submitted in a timely fashion. In addition, Editorial Chairs often serve as reviewers themselves. 

Many of our Editorial Chairs are authors and passionate bibliophiles, aligning their own professional outlook with our mission. Their intrinsic motivation is critical, as they volunteer their limited spare time to organize book reviews, benefiting the global health sciences library community. Our entire portfolio of collection development tools is predicated on the book reviews written by the review groups managed by our Editorial Chairs, and it’s thanks to them that Doody’s reviews have become trusted, objective mainstays in health sciences collection development. Our gratitude for this work cannot be overstated. 

Take a moment to explore the profiles we’ve published over the years and get to know the experts who bring Doody’s Review Service to life. Whether they’ve been with us for a few years or three decades, their immeasurable contributions to our health information ecosystem are worth celebrating at every opportunity. 

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an Editorial Chair or know someone who would excel in this role, please submit an editorial interest form. Join us in shaping the future of health sciences knowledge! 

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We look forward to being in touch! 

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