Specialty Profile: PTSD and Trauma-Informed Care 
Specialty Profile
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This month’s specialty profile on PTSD and Trauma-Informed Care represents Issue 4 of Volume 3 of Doody’s Special Topics Lists

Trauma-informed care (TIC) is not only a critical practice at the patient level, but also for health care at large. Trauma can have long-lasting physical and mental health effects, which is why TIC should be adopted at a clinical and organizational level across health care. But how can TIC be successfully implemented? While treatment is multifaceted and patient-specific, there are several core principles necessary to transform the healthcare setting for TIC: safety, trustworthiness/transparency, collaboration, and patient empowerment. These are just the basics, which is why our Librarian Selectors have curated a list that expands upon the vast spectrum of TIC. While many people are familiar with PTSD, particularly in military service, trauma comes in different forms, many of which stem from early childhood and adolescence. Our Doody’s Special Topics list is hand-picked to cover a wide range of titles written about PTSD, trauma, and TIC. 

This Doody’s Special Topics List is comprised of 70 titles collected from 27 publishers. The prices of these titles range from $12.43 to $245, with an average cost of $61.26. There are 18 PTSD and TIC titles that appear on Doody’s Core Titles 2023, including an essential purchase title, Trauma Counseling: Theories and Interventions for Managing Trauma, Stress, Crisis, and Disaster, 2nd Edition, Levers (Springer Publishing, 2023). 

Doody’s Review Service subscribers can access the list by clicking here and logging in. Doody’s Core Titles customers can view the list by clicking here to log in. Readers may also be able to access the list through one of our licensing partners: EBSCO, GOBI, Rittenhouse, Matthews, Ovid, ProQuest, or Login Canada. For help getting access, please contact Customer Service. Stay tuned for the next issue of Doody’s Special Topics Lists, which is due to be released in October 2023. 

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