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NEW! BMJ Impact Analytics is the most up-to-date and comprehensive tool you can use to find, track and share the real-world impact of medical and health research. If your institution funds, publishes or produces research or policy, you can now easily track where it’s cited in guidance and policy worldwide. 

Extensively tested and developed in partnership with academic medical departments and funders. BMJ Impact Analytics is easy to use and supports an impact culture: 

  • Review the context and reach of citations in policy, guidelines, and gray literature 
  • Target research funding  
  • Access data on patient outcomes 
  • Effortlessly share insights with stakeholders and the public 

Developed by BMJ in collaboration with pioneering start-up Overton, it’s the only tool dedicated to health and social care, covering the greatest breadth of key medical sources. Search documents from 30k+ global organizations, 1,440+ health related resources, and 175+ countries.  

Watch our 90-second video and visit BMJ Impact Analytics to learn more and request a demo!  

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