Specialty Profile: Climate Change & Its Effects on Health
Specialty Profile
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This month’s specialty profile on Climate Change and Its Effects on Health rounds out the final Doody’s Special Topics List of the second volume. 

Climate change is a hotly contested subject, and its significance only grows with each passing day. As our environment continues to change, so too do we have to adapt. Climate change affects not only the geography and wildlife around us, but it also plays a direct role in our lives. And with a continually amassing body of literature on the subject, most signs point to a negative relationship between climate change and human health.  

Thanks to the diligence of our List Selectors, we’ve compiled a list of titles covering the topic of Climate Change and Its Effects on Health. We hope this list helps librarians enhance their collections in environmental health and surface innovative clinical approaches to patient care with climate change-related health concerns. 

This Doody’s Special Topics List is comprised of 54 titles collected from 25 publishers. The prices of these titles range from $14.95 to $265.00, with an average cost of $99.00.  For those interested, Doody’s Review Service features expert reviews on 21 of the assembled titles.  

Doody’s Review Service subscribers can access the list by clicking here and logging in. Doody’s Core Titles customers can view the list by clicking here to log in. Readers also may be able to access the list through one of our licensing partners: EBSCO, Rittenhouse, Matthews, Ovid, ProQuest, or Login Canada. For help getting access, please contact Customer Service. We are excited to begin work on the next volume of Doody’s Special Topics Lists. Volume 3, Issue 1 is due to be released in October 2022, focusing on clinical research and knowledge sharing in the health sciences.  

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