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Scion Publishing Ltd was founded in 2003 by colleagues who worked together at another publisher until it was sold to a multinational, and it is still run day-to-day by its founders. It publishes 10 – 15 books a year, with a focus on medical students and family physicians. The founders’ determination to keep the business small was deliberate, in order to foster good relationships with authors and customers, enable flexibility in publishing decisions, and ensure continued quality in their books. Scion’s offices are based in the Oxfordshire countryside in a building that once belonged to Aston Martin.

We began receiving Scion titles in 2007, although not every year. Overall, we’ve received 34 of its titles across a range of topic areas such as general medicine, anesthesiology, dermatology, and clinical genetics and, so far, we’ve published reviews of 23 of them. One of Scion’s titles, Medical Statistics Made Easy, was selected for Doody’s Core Titles 2019. It is also among the select group of titles that has received a 5-star review.

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