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Charles C Thomas has been producing specialty titles and textbooks in the biomedical sciences since 1927, but it also has an active program in producing books for the behavioral sciences, education and special education, speech-language and hearing, and rehabilitation and long-term care. It also publishes books in all areas of criminal justice and law enforcement.

Located in Springfield, Illinois, Charles C Thomas at one time had its executive office in a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home. The Dana-Thomas house, as it is called, was designed in 1902 for Susan Lawrence Dana, and was purchased by Charles and Nanette Thomas in 1944. The house was subsequently sold to the State of Illinois, which now operates it as a historic site open to the public.

Although we began receiving Charles C Thomas titles in 2003, its participation in Doody’s Review Service has been spotty over the years. We are delighted that we began receiving its books on a more regular basis starting in 2018. Since 2003, we’ve received 19 titles, and we’ve published reviews of seven of them, three in the field of Radiologic Technology. One of Charles C Thomas’s titles, Radiography in the Digital Age: Physics, Exposure, Radiation Biology, 2nd edition, appears in Doody’s Core Titles 2019.

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