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Since it was founded in 1949 in Berlin, Quintessence has published books and journals for dental practitioners, researchers, and students. The company initially published only German-language journals and books, but its first English-language journal was launched in 1969 shortly before the opening of the U.S. office in Chicago in 1973. Dr h.c. Walter Haase led the company in the early years of its development and his son, Dr med dent h.c. Horst-Wolfgang Haase, took it over in 1969. He is still active in the business, now working with his son, Christian Haase.

Today, the company has publishing houses in 14 countries and licensing partners in another seven countries. To date, the company has published more than 1,500 books; 61 professional journals; and over 300 videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, and multimedia programs by more than 3,000 authors for both beginning dental students and experienced practitioners.

Quintessence was one of our earliest participating publishers, sending us its books on a regular basis from 1994 until early in 2003, when it stopped. Needless to say, we were delighted when it resumed sending us books this past August. We have received 132 Quintessence titles overall, and we have published reviews of 89 of them. Five Quintessence titles were selected for Doody’s Core Titles 2018.

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