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After the first National Cancer Nursing Research Conference in 1973, 20 oncology nurses discussed the need for a national organization to support their profession. The Oncology Nursing Society was created and these 20 nurses used word-of-mouth to spark interest among their colleagues to launch the organization. Now, the Oncology Nursing Society has more than 39,000 members in more than 220 chapters. In 1987, the Oncology Nursing Press, Inc., was incorporated as a for-profit subsidiary of the Oncology Nursing Society. In 1997, it published its first two commercial books and, in 2009, it introduced its patient-focused imprint, Hygeia Media.

The Oncology Nursing Society has been a participating publisher since 1997, sending us 84 of their titles over the next 20-plus years. We have published reviews of 47 of their titles so far. Four of their titles were selected for Doody’s Core Titles 2018, three of which were also designated Essential Purchase Titles.


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