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Tamara M. Nelson, MLIS, EdS
Instruction & Research Librarian
Rowland Medical Library
Assistant Professor, Academic Information Services
University of Mississippi Medical Center


 This is an update to my original review of Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source that was published in the May 2016 issue of Doody’s Collection Development Monthly. The original article may be viewed at


Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source (DOSS) is available on the EBSCOhost platform and is a comprehensive and authoritative resource designed to cover all aspects of the field of dentistry. It is designed to meet the needs of both dental practitioners and researchers with complete coverage of core titles often used in dental schools across the country. DOSS also continues to provide full-text access to journals not available in other EBSCO databases. It is also worth noting that many of the titles included in DOSS are without embargo.

Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source continues to be a complete resource that supports evidence-based dentistry practice and research. Presently, DOSS provides access to over 260 full-text journals, indexing and abstracts for nearly 350 journals, and searchable cited references for more than 120 journals. There have been nominal changes to the content since the original review in May 2016.


There has not been a significant change to the EBSCO interface since 2016. As an EBSCO product, Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source uses the familiar search features of the EBSCOhost platform and is integrated into an institution’s current EBSCO subscription. This gives users the ability to search not only Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source, but other EBSCO databases as well in a single search. Easy access tabs across the top of the platform enable users to search for specific publications, view subject headings and images, and to citation match.

The search features of EBSCOhost continues to include customizable basic and advanced searching that supports Boolean logic, natural language, subject indexing, and journal searching. Links to full-text records and the ability to limit by publication type and date are other notable features. EBSCOhost also gives users the ability to print, email, and download multiple articles and create an account to save searches.

Business Model

Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source continues to be a reputable resource for health science libraries that support a dentistry program. Interested institutions may visit the website at: for more information about pricing and to request a free trial.


As liaison for the School of Dentistry at UMMC, I made the decision to license Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source after reviewing it for this newsletter back in 2016. Usage since 2016 has steadily improved as I continue to promote DOSS to the faculty and students in the School of Dentistry. It continues to be a primary source of literature for dentistry.

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