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STM Learning, Inc., the leader in publishing clinical research for professionals who are in positions to serve and protect victims of abuse, was founded in 1992 by Glenn Whaley, who at the time owned G.W. Graphics. He transitioned his company to G.W. Medical Publishing after deciding to use his design expertise to bring awareness to the plight of child abuse. That project resulted in the first edition of Child Maltreatment, a guide and photographic atlas that gave medical, legal, law enforcement, and community professionals a much-needed clinical resource to help identify, report, and prosecute child abuse cases.

As its library of resources grew, the company realized it needed a company name that better reflected the range of scientific, technical, and medical resources it produced, hence the change in 2009 to STM Learning.

Little to no maltreatment and abuse information was available for frontline professionals when the company began. Today, STM Learning’s library includes more than 55 guides, photographic atlases, and training curricula covering a wide range of maltreatment issues, including child abuse and neglect, child sexual exploitation, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, abusive head trauma, child fatality, and recognition of child abuse for mandated reporters

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