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There are a lot of websites with assorted information about doctors and other medical practitioners. However, the source of that information isn’t always apparent and the accuracy can vary.  Our website includes official information from the boards that grant board certification. is a searchable online reference tool with access to over 900,000 board certified physician profiles. It covers more than 150 medical specialties and subspecialties from the 24 member boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS®). Among the myriad of websites with content of unknown origin, your patrons can trust the information in ABMS Directory.

With multiple search options, the Directory is a trusted resource for your patrons to find a new physician in a certain specialty and region or check the professional status of their current physicians.

We also provide tools to help our subscribers promote usage within their own facility. Those tools (such as an introductory video, electronic card catalog, etc.) can be viewed from the Product Info page.

Subscriptions are available with access via IP recognition or passwords. Contact us today for a free demo! Email:
Phone: (866) 416-6697 Option 1

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