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Elizabeth Mamo, MLS
Library Director
Rochester Regional Health

Healthcare leaders, students, and librarians who are looking for information on the business side of healthcare will find Health Business Elite to be a valuable resource. This database provides subject coverage in healthcare administration, management, business, economics, law, technology, and more. You won’t find much information of a clinical nature in this database, and that is what makes it unique. Health Business Elite is useful for finding information on the business of healthcare.

Health Business Elite indexes about 700 journals and magazines and provides access to the full text of more than 600 of these titles. Periodical content includes peer-reviewed journals, magazines, and trade publications. Libraries that subscribe to Health Business Elite will not need online subscriptions to important journals such as Harvard Business Review, Hospitals & Health Networks, Health Facilities Management, Healthcare Executive, and others.

In addition to periodicals, the database includes healthcare company profiles, images, and other media. I found 34 company profiles in the database. The profiles are MedTRAK reports, compiled by Life Science Analytics Inc., a biomedical data company. The reports are organized by company demographics and contain recent news reports. Some profiles are more comprehensive than others, but all seem to have been updated within the last few years.

Libraries can purchase an annual license to Health Business Elite through EBSCO, which provides access to the database on EBSCOhost, a platform with options to customize preferences, create folders, save citations, set up alerts, and share references with other users. EBSCOhost has convenient options for managing results, such as printing or exporting to a citation manager.

You can search Health Business Elite on EBSCOhost using basic or advanced search. Advanced search allows the use of Boolean operators and field searching. The database is indexed using its own thesaurus, which allows searching by subject terms. You can narrow search results by applying limits such as dates, publication type, or language. The selection of features and search options makes EBSCOhost an ideal method to search the Health Business Elite database.

Using the EBSCOAdmin module, you can customize your Health Business Elite database to include branding, library contact information, and your link resolver so users can access other library holdings. You can also analyze use by downloading reports from EBSCOAdmin.

Content in Health Business Elite is updated daily, and new publications are frequently added to the index. However, because EBSCO is a third party owner, they are dependent on publishers’ schedules. In some instances, current material is not immediately available, and some content may even be embargoed.

Health Business Elite is suitable for any educational, healthcare, or business institution that is interested in the business of healthcare. Access to this database allows the use of a robust platform to search multiple reliable sources for health business, and provides full-text access to key journals.

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