AAOS: Instructional Course Lectures, Volume 65
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ISBN: 9781625524355, 712 pages, Hard Cover
ISBN-10: 1625524358
List Price: $269.00

From patient care to practice in the digital age, these are the new techniques and proven practical solutions presented at the definitive orthopaedic educational event in 2015: the AAOS Annual Meeting.

Instructional Course Lectures Volume 65 inspires you to lead innovation and improve the standard of care in your OR at every step of your career with proven, practical, experience-based solutions.

New Insights Cultivate Your Skills:

  • Expand your general orthopaedic, specialty, and practice knowledge
  • Sharpen your techniques and learn new approaches from thought leaders
  • Update your action plans for rehabilitative care with expert insights

Proven Techniques for Tough Challenges: Broaden your treatment options with innovations and insights from some of today’s most respected surgeons and subspecialty experts. Learn new techniques and apply practical solutions for solving the tough challenges you encounter in your practice every day.

Understand, visualize, watch: Organized by orthopaedic specialty interests ICL enhances your understanding with quick content previews and hundreds of vivid images and streaming surgical video.

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