Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Sports Medicine 5
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Mark D. Miller, MD, Editor

ISBN 9781625523280 (print) | ISBN 9781625523297 (eBook)

OKU: Sports Medicine 5 brings together the most relevant literature and the latest research, in both print and video format. Top notch experts collaborated on this succinct review of pertinent advances. Find extensive updates in knee and shoulder, and brand-new content on bone loss instability, proximal biceps injuries, ACL reconstruction, meniscal posterior horn tears, and more.

This edition also includes a link to access videos on the most in-demand and innovative surgical techniques in sports medicine.

This go-to guide for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation is ideal for surgeons specializing in sports medicine, physician assistants, physiatrists, or primary care physicians.

December 2015, 832 pages + online access to 34 surgical techniques videos

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