Editorial Review Group Chair: Elaine Cohen, EdD, RN, FAAN
Editorial Review Group Chair
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We are fortunate to have Dr. Elaine Cohen working with us as an Editorial Review Group Chair in two specialties, Quality Improvement and Case Management, since the inception of Doody’s Review Service in 1993. Since 1996, we have sent her 108 titles in Quality Improvement and she has commissioned expert reviews of 36 of them.

Dr. Cohen’s wide-ranging professional interests make her uniquely qualified to serve as ERG Chair in both Quality Improvement and Case Management. Affiliated with the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa, Florida, she is the Chief Nurse, Nursing Quality Improvement/Magnet Program Director, with overall organizational oversight and sustainment of outcomes for nursing quality improvement initiatives, Magnet Program, accreditation readiness, and strategic planning.

Dr. Cohen is known nationally and internationally for her work in nursing case management, leadership, care coordination, quality, and patient safety. Her numerous organizational roles and progressive professional backgrounds in administration, education, quality improvement, and service on both state and national levels position her to stay abreast of all current health care and nursing issues. She is a past Board member of the American Organization of Nurse Executives and sits on several editorial review boards.

A prolific writer, speaker and educator, she is the main author of two different case management books, including a leading title in the field now in its fourth edition, Nursing Case Management: From Essentials to Advanced Practice Applications. A reviewer of the third edition praises Dr. Cohen’s and her co-author’s presentation of “innovative ‘within-the-walls’ and ‘beyond-the-walls’ models of case management,” resulting in “a must-have book for case managers and leaders.”

Her prevailing career focus and passion inspire all who interact with her to realize the impact of nursing practice on quality patient care.

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