Orthopaedic Knowledge Update 11
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Lisa K. Cannada, MD, Editor

The most important knowledge for orthopaedic surgeons in training or in practice
Every three years, OKU condenses the most critical issues and developments shaping orthopaedic medicine at the moment: the latest advances in clinical thinking, controversial topics and trends, clinical guidelines and best practices, and objective reviews of the most relevant literature across all specialties.

New topics in this edition include professionalism and ethics; medical issues for the athlete; geriatric patient care; disease footprints in high-tech genomics, proteomics and metabolomics; soft-tissue coverage options for open fractures and complications of open fractures; musculoskeletal oncology; traumatic bone loss; and vertebral compression fractures.

• Item: 05378   • ISBN/ISSN: 9780892038657    • March 2014, 974 pages with DVD supplement

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