When Doody’s Journal launched in 1993, it was based on the premise that a comprehensive source of health sciences book reviews would be a time- and cost-saving resource for medical librarians. Indeed, other book review services such as ALA’s Booklist and Choice had already long-established the market opportunity and business model for such services aimed at libraries. It was a matter of introducing medical librarians to an alternative (or, perhaps, complement) to the expert reviews published in health sciences journals.  

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Doody's Core Titles

It’s nearly time for Doody’s Core Titles 2024 to publish and our team is excited to bring the newest edition of this critical collection development tool to health sciences libraries worldwide. 

For those who are new to us, our annual Doody’s Core Titles (DCT) list comprises the most distinguished and important book titles in over 120 health sciences specialties. Title selection occurs annually, is adjudicated by Content Specialists and Librarian Selectors, and involves a rigorous scoring … read more

Rian Debner, MA, MLIS, AHIP
University Librarian
University of Western States 

Editor’s note: This month, we are celebrating Rian Debner, who has served as a Librarian Selector for Doody’s Core Titles since 2020 and joined the Doody’s Library Board of Advisors in 2023.    

Where do you currently work and what is your position? 

I work as the University Librarian at the University of Western … read more

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Backed by a 132-year tradition of medical publishing, the Karger journal program comprises 103 journal titles including 39 Open Access and 7 Free Access journals to date, covering all disciplines of human medicine in basic and clinical research areas. 

By choosing the Karger E-Journal Collection, your library benefits from access to the complete journal list at attractive conditions. 

Karger’s world-wide editorial network of leading researchers and scientists as well as a rigorous peer-review process guarantee high-quality medical content. To ensure high visibility, Karger content is indexed in all leading A & I databases and state-of-the-art online features enable easy access. 

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) impacts the scientific and clinical application of pediatric medicine across the globe. With an institutional site license to the NEW AAP eJournal Collection + Red Book® Online bundle, your institution’s need for pediatric and subspecialty original research, clinical journal review, infectious disease recommendations, and award-winning news is covered! 

This new specially priced subscription package includes:  

  • The AAP eJournal Collection – 6 AAP journals and periodicals, including Pediatrics®, Hospital Pediatrics®, and NeoReviews™, as well as their eArchives 
  • Red Book Online, the comprehensive clinical infectious disease resource for pediatric patients. Includes the NEW 2024 Red Book edition with new content!  

Complete our inquiry form at https://www.aap.org/libraryinquiry or

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This is an update of a Publisher Profile we published in 2022. You can read the original profile here. 

National Academies Press (NAP) is the publishing arm of The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, a nonprofit group of institutions that provides complex analysis and expert advice … read more

Since our last profile in 2020, we’ve received 329 psychiatry titles from 20 different publishers. Of those titles, Doody’s has published reviews for almost half of them. The books range in price from $12.50 to $2,200 with an average cost of $112.14. Doody’s Core Titles 2023 features 40 Psychiatry titles, with a dozen Essential Purchase Titles, including Trauma Counseling: Theories and Interventions for Managing Trauma, Stress, Crisis, and Disaster, 2nd Edition, … read more

Crystal Plank, BSN, RN, RAC-CTA, IP
Sinclair School of Nursing
University of Missouri 

Crystal Plank has been reviewing for Doody’s Review Service since 2017. Plank has reviewed 25 books under Editorial Review Group Chair for Geriatric and Long Term Care Nursing and University of Missouri colleague, read more

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