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Publisher Profile
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This is an update of a Publisher Profile we published in 2017. You can read the original profile here 

Cardiotext Publishing is an independent publisher specializing in cardiovascular medicine. Written by a variety of internationally recognized physician-authors, Cardiotext publishes a myriad of books covering subsections of cardiovascular medicine, including electrophysiology, cardiac anatomy, ECGs, congenital heart disease, and many more topics. 

Cardiotext has been a participating publisher with Doody’s since 2010. Since our last profile, we’ve received 20 of their titles and have published reviews for half of them. One of the latest titles reviewed, Electrophysiological Foundations of Cardiac Arrhythmias: A Bridge Between Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Electrophysiology, 2nd Edition earned 5 Stars. Of the book, reviewer Dr. Issa Asfour says, “This book is excellent. It is a valuable resource for physicians and scientists intending to comprehend the physiology behind various clinically significant arrhythmias.” 

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