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Mac Keith Press is a U.K. publisher that had its start in 1959 when The Spastics Society, a charity for people with cerebral palsy (now called Scope), approached Dr. Ronald Mac Keith and his colleagues about improving the care of children with cerebral palsy. The Press exists to extend the knowledge and understanding of the fields of child development and pediatric neurology, in order to improve the lives of disabled children, their families and carers.

Mac Keith Press publishes two series of books: Clinics in Developmental Medicine and the International Reviews of Child Neurology (ICNA). It has also launched a set of Practical Guides for health professionals and all those involved in the care of children with disabilities.

Since it became a participating publisher in 1994, Mac Keith Press has sent us 78 books, and we have published reviews of 48 of them. In the past year, we’ve received five of its titles and have published reviews of three of them.

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