Jodi Jameson, MLIS, AHIP
Nursing Librarian and Assistant Professor
Mulford Health Science Library
The University of Toledo


For busy nurses who need rapid access to the best evidence, Nursing Reference Center Plus (NRCP) from EBSCO Health is a streamlined and efficient database for use at the point of care. It provides an all-in-one search interface for locating information from a variety of resources on a wide range of nursing and healthcare … read more

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MedicinesComplete delivers expert knowledge on drugs and medicines, helping pharmacists make the best clinical decisions for patient care.

Definitive publications
The unrivaled breadth of our collection, which includes works such as AHFS Drug Information, Kucers’ The Use of Antibiotics and Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference, among many others, spans research, regulatory information and evidence-based cli … read more


The American Public Health Association was founded in 1872 by Dr. Stephen Smith, a physician, attorney, and commissioner of New York City’s Metropolitan Health Board, with the mission of improving the health of all U.S. residents. Some 145 years later, APHA has over 25,000 members. The founders re … read more

Over the past year, we have received 16 titles in Vascular Surgery, most from Springer, with one each from Elsevier and Thieme. So far, we have published reviews of 11 of them. These titles range in price from $79.99 to $249.00, for an average price of $141.75. Doody’s Core Titles 2017 includes 18 titles in Vascular Surgery, from nine publishers, with Rutherford’s Vascular Surgeryread more

Dr. Mark Eskandari took over as Editorial Review Group Chair in Vascular Surgery in 2012 from Dr. James Yao, who had served in that capacity since the very beginning of Doody Enterprises in 1993. Dr. Eskandari is also the first recipient of the James S. T. Yao, MD, PhD Professor of Vascular Surgery endowed chair at Northwestern University Feinberg … read more

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