Hal Bright, MLS, AHIP
University Library Director
A.T. Still Memorial Library
A.T. Still University of the Health Sciences

The F.A. Davis PT Collection on AccessPhysiotherapy is mounted on a McGraw-Hill Silverchair platform. Thus, the navigation layout will be familiar to anyone who has worked with the AccessMedicine or LWW Health collection navigation layout. The top menu bar has quick links to the F.A Davis physical therapy titles under “Books,” several reference titles under “Quick Reference,” Davis’s Drug Guide for Rehabilitation Professionalsread more

Noreen L. Mulcahy, MLIS, AHIP
Lead Health Sciences Librarian – Technical Services
Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library

This is an update of a 2018 review of BrowZine. To read the original review, click here.

BrowZine, a product of Third Iron, LLC, is a journal engagement platform that allows users to connect to a library’s electronic journal collection via the Web or by using iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Titles that appear in BrowZine are … read more

Manager of e-Resources Access & Maintenance
Dalhousie University Libraries
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Editor’s Note: Every other month, we publish the profile of a member of Doody’s Library Board of Advisors (LBA) or, in this case, of a librarian with whom we’ve had a long and cordial relationship. With gratitude, this month we present the profile of Gail Fraser of the Dalhousie University Libraries.

I began my ca … read more

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ISBN: 9781582122960

Trissel’s™ Stability of Compounded Formulations, 6th Edition is the only book in print that compiles all currently available stability information on drugs in compounded oral, enteral, topical, ophthalmic, and other specialized preparations. It includes monographs on 571 products, including 61 new monographs and 163 monographs … read more

Charles C Thomas has been producing specialty titles and textbooks in the biomedical sciences since 1927, but it also has an active program in producing books for the behavioral sciences, education and special education, speech-language and hearing, and rehabilitation and lo … read more

Over the past year, we have received 13 titles in Radiologic Technology from seven different publishers, including three from Charles C Thomas, and we have published reviews of 11 of them. These books range in price from $35.95 to $159.99, for an average cost of $75.90. Doody’s Core Titles 2019 features 14 titles in Radiologic Technology from … read more

Program Director
Froedtert School of Radiologic TechnologyFroedtert Hospital & The Medical College of Wisconsin

Kyle Theine has served as Editorial Review Group Chair in Radiologic Technology since May 2015. In the past four years, we have sent h … read more

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