Diana Boone, MA-LIS
Head, Learning Resources Center
Creighton University


Primal Pictures offers a variety of titles in 3D human anatomy, using images that were created over the course of 10 years using the Visible Human project, as well as CT and MRI images along with animations and real-life videos. The medical experts who contributed to the product are listed here: (https:// … read more


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ISBN/ISSN : 9781451193510
Author(s) : Marie-Christine Aubry MD, Joseph Maleszewski MD, Allen P Burke MD, Borislav Alexiev MD, Fabio Tavora MD

Extensively revised and expanded, Practical Thoracic Pathology: Diseases of the Lung, Heart, and Thymus (formerly Practical Cardiovascular Pathology) is a superbly illustrated, one-volume reference to pathology of the thorax. More than 1,000 full-color illustrations, tables, and “practica … read more


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Authors: Carole A. Samango-Sprouse, Andrea L. Gropman
ISBN: 9781615046904
Copyright: 2017
Pages: 122

This is the first book on X and Y chromosomal disorders to address these common but rarely diagnosed con … read more


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RCNi Learning: an eLearning platform that is helping bridge the gap between theory and practice for Nurses at all levels.

RCNi Learning will:

  • Supplement your core curriculum and reinforce best practices in an engaging way
  • Help improve exam results–Test banks ensure users understand what they’ve learned.
  • Help bridge the gap between … read more


Since it was founded in 1981, Grey House Publishing has published over 80 directories and reference works for libraries in a wide variety of fields. By the early 1990s, three product lines began to emerge — business, education, and health, with 8-10 titles in each area.

Grey House became a parti … read more


Over the past 12 months, we have received five titles in Library and Information Science, four of which have been reviewed. These titles range in price from $165.00 to $395.00, for an average price of $258.60. Doody’s Core Titles 2016 includes 21 titles in Library and Information Science from eight publishers. Three of the titles were selected as Essential Purchase titles in the specia … read more

Nolfi 2015-1111

We are fortunate to have David Nolfi serve as Editorial Review Group Chair in Library and Information Science for Doody’s Review Service since late 2003, far exceeding his original commitment of three years. Since late 2003, we have sent him 161 titles and he and 58 colleagues he has recruited have reviewed 116 of them.

Mr. Nolfi, MLS, AHIP is … read more

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