Pamela Herring, MLIS, D-AHIP
Electronic Resources Librarian
Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library
University of Central Florida College of Medicine


Facts & Comparisons eAnswers1 is an extensive drug information database that contains drug monographs, a drug interaction tool, a drug identification tool, calculators, product availability and information, a drug comparison tool, an IV compatibility tool, drug reports, patient education information on medications and natural products, and a t … read more

Sola Whitehead, MLIS
VA Portland Health Care System

(Editor’s note: This article was previously published in the January 2019 issue of the Doody’s Core Titles Newsletter.)

The VA Portland Health Care System is a primary care facility in Portland, Oregon, with approximately 4,000 staff serving 95,000 veterans in Oregon and Southwest Washington. The Health Care System consists of a main tertiary care hospital in Portland, a campus in Vancouver, Washington, and 10 outpatient clinics ar … read more

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updated quarterly with access to more than 900,000 board certified physician
profiles. We know there are
a lot of online resources and it can be difficult to know which one to trust. We have official
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Subscribe to Open (S2O) uses existing library relationships and subscription purchases to convert gated access journals to open access (OA). If all 2019 subscribing libraries participate, Annual Reviews guarantees that the 2020 volume of five journals will be published OA, with CC BY licenses, and all back volumes will be made freely available. If the program is successful, Annual Reviews will expand t … read more

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This important publication builds on the racial health equity work that public health advocates and others have been doing for decades. They have documented the existence of health inequities and have combatted health inequities stemming from racism. This book, which targets racism directly and includes the word squarely in its title, marks an important shift in the field’s antiracism struggle for racial health equi … read more

In an era of mergers and acquisitions, F. A. Davis remains as it started 140 years ago — an independent, family-owned publisher of educational resources for the nursing and health science professions. Headquartered in Philadelphia, where it was founded in 1879 by Frank Alls … read more

We have received 19 titles in the nursing specialties of Diagnosis/Assessment and Patient Education from nine different publishers, including five from F.A. Davis, over the past year. To date, we have published reviews of 12 of them, with more currently out for review. These books range in price from $22.95 to $235.00, with most costing less than $100, for an ave … read more

Since Dr. Cheryl Leiningen agreed to serve as Editorial Review Group Chair in the nursing specialties of Diagnosis/Assessment and Patient Education in August 2015, we have sent her 59 books. She and 18 reviewers she recruited have written reviews of 50 of them.

Dr. Leinin … read more

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