Jessica Sender, MA, MLS
Liaison to the College of Nursing
Michigan State University

As medicine, nursing, social work, and other healthcare fields become more and more interdisciplinary and interprofessional, Sociological Abstracts has become more important as a potential research tool for many. This database provides subject coverage predominantly in the social and behavioral sciences. It also includes the Social Services Abstracts, which covers social work, human services, and other rela … read more

Editor’s Note: In response to reader request, we have asked individuals who have written reviews of major electronic resources that were published in a DCDM issue at least two years ago to present an update of their original review. We will feature these Review Updates on a periodic basis. This Review Update is of CINAHL by Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, whose original review appeared in August 2015.

Review Update – CINAHL
Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, MLS, MS, AHIP, FMLA

The … read more

Project Lead: Megan Inman, Collection Development Librarian
Institution: East Carolina University Laupus Health Sciences Library

Timeframe of the launch and timeframe of the marketing campaign

 We started the conversation about the R2 Digital Library and the PDA tool in September 2016. By February 2017, we had made the initial PDA collection selections and it went live and was available to our users. We took the time to curate the initial PDA list and wanted to ensure that the collection we were extending to the users was something new to them — not duplicating existing resources in the current catalogue at that t … read more

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The Karger eJournal Archive Collection comprises all digitized Karger journal issues from 1997 back to each title’s first year of publication. The collection consists of 76 titles with a total of 2,423 publication years.

Benefits include…

  • DRM-free content
  • Unlimited simultaneous access
  • Easy access via IP range or User ID and Password
  • COUNTER-compliant statistics
  • KBART records available
  • Full-text s … read more

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Over the past decade, practitioners in the field of maternal and child health have gained a general understanding of Life Course Theory and its potential application to practice. This book focuses on moving Life Course Theory into action, filling a need for practitioners across a variety of fields to maximize the opportunities this model offers.

Moving Life Course Theory Into Action is designed to fit into the busy lives of practitioners. With new ideas and strate … read more

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Patrice L. Spath

ISBN: 9781567939859
Softbound, 363 pp, 2018 
Price: $85.00

The ongoing shift to value-based healthcare has driven change in the practices and approaches providers use to evaluate their performance and improve their organizations’ clinical, safety, and patient satisfaction outcomes. Now more than ever before, healthcare professionals must know how to apply the essential principl … read more

Founded in 1951, the Joint Commission accredits and certifies more than 21,000 healthcare organizations and programs in the United States. An independent, nonprofit organization, it is the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in healthcare. Established in 1986, Joint Co … read more

Over the past year, we have received 20 titles in Nephrology from six publishers and, so far, we have published reviews of 11 of them. Prices of these books range from $48.00 to $345.99, for an average price of $140.60. The just published Doody’s Core Titles 2018 features 23 titles in Nephrology, with two designated Essential Purchase titles, from seven publishers. … read more

We are grateful that Dr. Jon Webb has served as Editorial Review Group Chair in Nephrology for the past six years, twice the three-year term we request of our Chairs. In that time, we have sent him 117 books, and he has organized reviews of 87 of them, recruiting 27 reviewers from his division, while also reviewing quite a few himself.

Dr. Webb … read more

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