Deedra J. Walton, MLS, D-AHIP
Head of Electronic Resources
Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library
University of Central Florida College of Medicine


BMJ Case Reports, owned by BMJ Publishing Group, is a valuable collection of peer-reviewed case reports in all areas of medicine from around the world. Since its debut in November 2008, over 16,000 cases, written by authors from more than 100 countries, have been published.1 Focused … read more

Jim Bulger, MLIS
Manager, Library Services
Allina Health
Minneapolis, MN


Natural Medicines is an authoritative, evidence-based resource on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary alternative and integrative therapies. It is produced by the Therapeutic Research Center (TRC), which acquired Natural Standard in 2013, combining content from the two previously separate and well-regarded resources.

Natural Medicines reviews an ex … read more

Mangala Krishnamurthy, MLIS, AHIP
Associate Professor/Reference Librarian
University of Alabama Libraries
Tuscaloosa, AL

Use of evidence-based information by healthcare professionals offers opportunities to improve patient care and patient outcomes. Introducing university students in nursing schools to the available evidence-based databases is vital. In order to effectively introduce and promote databases such as JBI, Cochrane, CINAHL (all paid subscriptions), and PubMed (freely available from NLM), nursing school faculty and librarians work together to promote these resources and provide assistance so students can use them efficiently … read more

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ISBN: 9781567939705
Hardbound, 518 pp, 2018
Price: $85.00

For decades, providers in the United States operated according to a model of volume-based care, under the general assumption that more care was better. In recent years, however, important developments in policy and payment and innovations in disease management, complex case management, population health, predictive analytics, and decision support have contribu … read more

New Harbinger Publications is an independent, employee-owned publisher of books on psychology, health, spirituality, and personal growth. Their professional books are designed as resources for mental health clinicians such as therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists and are meant to … read more

The specialty of Sports Medicine encompasses three areas: general Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, and Athletic Training. We have previously profiled the first two. We have received 13 titles in Athletic Training from two publishers over the past year – Human Kinetics and Slack — and, so far, we have published reviews of six of them. Prices of these books range from $21.95 to $14 … read more

Darryl Conway has served as Editorial Review Group Chair in Sports Medicine – Athletic Training since early 2013, continuing in that role even as he transitioned from the University of Maryland to the University of Michigan. Over the past five and a half years, we have sent him 60 titles in Athletic Training, and he has called on 16 experts from 11 … read more

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