Brittany R. Heer, MLIS 
Health Sciences Librarian 
Butler University Libraries 

LactMed is a freely available, peer-reviewed drug information database focusing on the effects of drugs and chemicals found in breast milk during lactation. Substance levels in breast milk and infant blood are available as well as adverse effects on a nursing infant. Alternative drugs are also presented in individual entries. LactMed is appropriate for pharmacists, physicians, and clinicians seeking the effects of drugs on lactating individuals and their nursing infants. Health sciences librarians will also have a great interest in this database. 


As a free drug information resource focusing on the effects of drugs andread more

Virginia Desouky, MLS 
Scholarly Engagement Librarian 
Health Sciences Library 
West Virginia University  

In today’s online education world, the need for digital access to learning content continues to grow. Digital textbook collections play an important role as keys to student academic success, whether they study on campus or remotely. One such collection, from award-winning international and science publisher Thieme Medical Publishers, is MedOne Education. 


As part of the cutting-edge MedOne medical learning platform, the MedOne Education Base Collection is a collection of 130 ebooks and multimedia resources, suitable for students, instructors, residents, andread more

Chief of Academic Support and Library Director  
Franzello Aeromedical Library  
USAF School of Aerospace Medicine 
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base 

Editor’s note: On a regular basis, we publish profiles of librarians who have been an integral part of Doody Enterprises, whether they have served on our Library Board of Advisors, as a Librarian Selector for Doody’s Core Titles, or on the editorial board/as a List Selector for Doody’s Special Topics Lists. This month, we are profiling a librarian whoread more

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A best-selling source of compact, authoritative guidance on the treatment of ocular disorders in a variety of settings, The Wills Eye Manual, 8th Edition, is the comprehensive, high-yield reference of choice for both trainees and seasoned practitioners. It provides highly illustrated information on more than 200 ophthalmic conditions along with proven clinical recommendations from initial diagnosis through extended treatment. The consistent, bulleted outline format makes it ideal for portability and quick reference.  

  • Provides current, superbly illustrated in a handy, portable manual, along with extensive multimedia content.  
  • Features easily accessible clinical recommendations for evaluation, diagnosis, management, and treatment.  
  • Contains updates on the latest major clinical trials in ophthalmology, as well as two expertly produced new videos and many new clinical images added.  
  • Addresses changing trends in oculoplastics, glaucoma, cornea, pediatrics, neuro-ophthalmology, uveitis, retina, and more.   
  • Includes videos depicting a wide range of common procedures with step-by-step narration, carefully selected to complement key techniques.  
  • All chapters written and edited by the residents and attending ophthalmologists at one of the busiest and largest eye hospitals in the country.  

Enrich Your eBook Reading Experience  

  • Read directly on your preferred device(s).  
  • Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech.  

ISBN: 978-1-97-516075-3 

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What a difference a year makes! In November, our AAP Publications platform celebrated its one-year milestone by surpassing 10 million site views. The recently revised offers streamlined access to essential titles from the American Academy of Pediatrics, including journals, news, point-of-care solutions, and books.   

Discover ordering information for all the latest resources, as well as handy user guides, quick reference handouts, and video overviews for your patrons at read more

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Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Injuries, Fifth Edition, presents foundational and advanced concepts that support a thorough understanding of therapeutic interventions and rehabilitative applications. The fifth edition boasts a greater emphasis on higher-order skills, with a new section on joint manipulation and a new chapter on functional adaptations in rehabilitation that focuses on providing emotional support as well as physical support during rehabilitation. Accompanying online video demonstrates 47 of the more difficult or unique techniques presented in the text, and more than 450 color photos and 750 illustrations help to enhance comprehensionread more

This is an update of a Publisher Profile we published in 2015. You can read the original profile here.   

Founded in 1973, Guilford Press is anread more

Since 2020, we’ve received 102 titles from 18 different publishers in the Community Health specialty. The prices of these titles range from $21.95 to $299.99, with an average cost of $99.23. Doody’s Core Titles 2022 features 15 Community Health titles, with five of those selected as Essential Purchase Titles. Doody’sread more

Dr. Joseph Doctora has served as the Editorial Review Group Chair for Dentistry since September 2020, but he was no stranger to Doody’s Review Service as he served as a reviewer under the previous chair, read more

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