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Lead Health Sciences Librarian – Technical Services
Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library
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BrowZine, a product of Third Iron, LLC, is a journal engagement platform that allows users to connect to a library’s electronic journal collection via the Web or by using iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Titles that appear in BrowZine are based on the … read more

Editor’s Note: In response to reader request, this month we are introducing yet another new feature to the DCDM Newsletter. We have asked individuals who have written reviews of major electronic resources that were published in a DCDM issue at least two years ago to present an update of their original review. We will feature these Review Updates on a periodic basis in this space. The first Review Update is of the R2 Digital Library by Louise Verma, whose original review we published in May 2015.


Review Update – R … read more

Editor’s Note: In response to reader request, we have added two new features to the DCDM Newsletter, which will appear in alternating months. In odd-numbered months (January, March, etc.) we will publish the profile of a member of Doody’s Library Board of Advisors (LBA), and in the even months (February, April, etc.), we’ll feature an account of a library’s successful marketing launch of a new product or service.

The LBA has guided the development of our company’s library services since our inception. With gratitude, this month we present the profile of a long-term member of the LBA, Jim Bothmer of Creighton University. Questions were posed by the editors of Doody E … read more

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ISBN-13: 9781450431644
Copyright:  2017
240 pages

In Sport Therapy for the Shoulder: Evaluation, Rehabilitation, and Return to Sport, readers will learn about best practices and evidence-based guidelines for assessing and treating patients’ shoulder injuries for re-entry into sport. Written by renowned physical therapists Todd S. Ellenbecker and Kevin E. Wilk, this text is a key resource for physical thera … read more

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ISBN-13: 9781492533504
Copyright: 2017
544 pages

Medical Conditions in the Athlete, Third Edition With Web Study Guide, equips health care providers with the information they need to develop a framework for decision making when working with injured and recovering athletes and active populations. The updated and streamlined third edition provides comprehensive medical information that assists health care provid … read more

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ISBN-13: 9781450471282
Copyright: 2017
456 pages

From office jobs and long commutes to passive entertainment like television and video games, humans are sitting more than ever. Though lack of exercise has major health consequences, researchers are now examining the additional and widespread health risk of the simple act of sitting for extended periods. With research from leading scientists, Sedentary Beh … read more

Founded in 2011, Handspring Publishing is a U.K. publisher that focuses on the entire range of bodywork and manual therapies, including movement, with books for professionals in these disciplines – teachers, therapists, and the trainers who run courses for them – and on basic science subjects (e.g. … read more

Over the past year, we have received 33 titles in Alternative Therapies from eight publishers, including 14 from Handspring Publishing, and we have published reviews of 21 of them. Prices of these books range from $25.00 to $199.00, for an average price of $75.35. Doody’s Core Titles 2017 has 19 titles in Alternative Therapies from 12 different publishers. The three Essential Purchase … read more

Anne Mackereth has served as Editorial Review Group Chair for Alternative Therapies for Doody’s Review Service since September 2015. She is in a unique position, serving as director of library services for Northwestern Health Sciences University, which offers accredited programs in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Applied Clinical Nutrition, Ch … read more

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